Since we haven’t had a update in quite a while, there was a post on the EV list today that I decided to copy here with my response.


phil galati wrote:

For those of you who didn’t hear, or you may have all ready heard.
My sources have informed that Zilla has been purchased by an
undisclosed source and is up and running and in full production mode.

Phil Galati


My response was:

That’s great news!

But I have to say, it’s the first I’ve heard of it!
Be aware that your source is not very good.

I am still fully expecting to license the Zilla out. I am in talks with a few well qualified folks but have not chosen one yet.

The production of the last build is still progressing, unfortunately we had some hiccups in the last two months so we are behind our estimated completion dates. We are working hard on them and looking at options to speed the build up a bit so we can finish the remaining backorders in the next few months.

In the meantime, while the production workers toil and my engineer finishes the ATE (really cool automatic test equipment) I am getting time for upgrades and improvements. These were started for smoother manufacturing but are turning into feature improvements as well. The Hairball code is getting a major revamp/repair, I am working on a battery fuel gauge that I call the B-Meter and I’m again working on the lithium Zilla BMS. I feel it’s an exciting time and am looking forward to providing a more complete package for conversions soon.

Thanks for your patience.